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about AltitudeX

AltitudeX is an aerial technology company that provides a wide range of services from aerial mapping and inspections, to photography and videography. Through cutting-edge technology and a data-driven approach, we are able to customize solutions to the needs of our clients.



Produce stunning photos and videos of your events, promotional materials, and properties with an aerial perspective. Give your audience a bird’s eye view of the experience, crafted by professional drone photographers and state-of-the-art camera equipments. With dynamic angles as well as 360 degree views, we make sure that we capture and document your moments in the best way possible.


Understand your data better through high definition aerial images, 3D volume models and 3D point clouds, 2D distance measurements, contour overlays, and orthomosaics. We help improve the visualization of your property and terrain with a fleet of multi-rotor and fixed- winged drones that are able to run autonomously through intricate flight planning.


Our drones are able to provide precision grade visual inspection of properties, structures and assets in a significantly faster and cost-effective way. Together with modern thermal, infrared and LiDAR devices, our drones can provide comprehensive data from complex built environment and terrain. Employing initial inspections with our drones provides a preemptive analysis of possible problems before physical inspections are made.


Aerial shots don’t just captivate your viewers, but increase the value of the targeted object or goal. We provide dramatic and compelling photos and videos of your property to make it stand out from the rest. Our drone services allow property listings to remarkably differentiate themselves through high quality photography and videography that allow sweeping shots and line of sight visualizations.


With drones, effortless assessments of the site is available throughout the construction life cycle. Inspect the feasibility of the land and site location through high resolution images and 3D models. During the actual construction, drones can help instill client confidence through providing a thorough visualization of the construction and inject real world conditions into the design.


Through our drone sensor technologies, we are able to generate Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images to aid in assessing vegetation health and identify locations that need immediate attention. Equipped with hyperspectral, multispectral or thermal sensors, drones can identify areas of the field lacking in hydration or chemicals through monitoring the vegetation index and heat.


"Our vision is to become the leader in the drone service industry and ensure that drones become an integral asset to the technological development of the Philippine economy."


Insurance, License & Expertise

Our roster of highly skilled CAAP licensed drone pilots ensures that all regulations for commercially flying a drone are in compliance and accounted for. With hundreds of flight hours, we assure that all photos and videos are of quality output. Leave it to us to ensure that all equipment are state of the art, quality maintained and most of all, insured.

Data Accuracy & Privacy

The precision of data is of utmost importance. As a technologically driven company, being able to deliver industry standard data is what we are all about. To us, all data is valuable. Here at AltitudeX, we respect the privacy of our clients and the information provided. We guarantee that all legal obligations and terms are always met.

The Best of Innovation

As technology rapidly grows, so does our business. Our services are tailored to fit the needs of the client and within the capabilities of today’s technology. In AltitudeX, we ensure that our clients are offered the best and latest drone technologies available on market.

Sample Projects

Palm Oil Plantation for Sirawai Plywoodand Lumber Co.

Aerial mapping to identify, outline and estimate planted areas of selected farms in a mountainous region.

Includes tree counting and plantation area calculations.

Development Feasiblity Study for DMCI Homes

Aerial maps to study the current situation of the properties.

Comparison with satellite imagery from previous months to identify changes (particularly the increase in illegal settlers area)

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